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  • Bridal Gown Stylist, First Appointment

    Personal appointments for brides are no-rush, exclusive sessions where your dreams come to life. Together we will find your perfect gown! Try on as many dresses as you like. I specialize in creating the look each bride envisions, making every detail perfect. My girls shine every time! Don’t shop online for the dress of your lifetime. Come to see me at Freedom Brides! 🌟

  • Bridal Gown Follow-up Fittings

    Every time a new alteration is requested we will need to see you again to ensure the fit is perfect. Sometimes this can require many fittings. Please be prepared to return when the seamstress needs you. Be sure to clearly explain everything you need the first time!

  • Second Appointment Gown Selection

    When you were not ready to purchase your gown or want to return with mom or a friend. You are always welcome to come back and try on your favorite gowns again.

  • Admin Appointment

    Professional meeting with Jenny.

  • Bridal Gown First Fitting

    You will be notified when your dress is here. Please plan on spending an hour to try on your gown for your first fitting. Bring your shoes if you have them, or shoes with the same size heel you planned on for the dress order. Please also bring any undergarments you plan to wear. Every time an adjustment is requested there will be another fitting. Be sure to clearly explain everything you need the first time!Sometimes a dress may require several fittings. Please be prepared to return each time the seamstress needs you. Thank you!

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