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Freedom Brides is changing for 2024!
  • Due to our amazing brides, alterations experts, design team and custom stylists, we are following our unique trend toward the high-end experience.  

  • Brides will find impeccable service and luxurious gowns, including custom styled gowns that take notice of individual body shape and styles. 

  • Our economy dresses will no longer be available after our Year End Sales. 

  • We will be starting our pricing with our $999 Package Deal that includes your dress and veil. 

  • We make Brides shine!  This upscale experience guarantees you the best in the trade, and therefore our sales prices will reflect our quality services!

Last minute appointments are not advised.

When making a same day appointment online,  please be sure to call first with your ETA so that we can be ready for you. 

Come with your dreams ~ leave with your dress.

What can I see in the Salon today?

These are just a few of our gowns that are currently in stock.


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Freedom Brides is a totally different experience.

Visit our lovely Bridal Salon, established at our homestead. We are located on top of a stunning valley in the hills of Escondido, in North San Diego County. Bring your favorite people to help you to select your perfect gown. Our country setting is a delightful experience. Stay for a while and enjoy the scenery or have lunch at the Lake Wohlford Restaurant. 

You will find unique, interesting gowns as well as our traditional luxury gowns. You can't find our gowns in town! That's why everyone says; "It's worth the drive!"

Patio seating is available for health-sensitive guests.

VIP Appointments

Exclusively for the upscale bridal experience; we provide a charcuterie tray for the bride and 4 guests.  The session is a longer 2 hour appointment with the same VIP treatment that every bride enjoys. You are guaranteed to have an amazing personal, un-interrupted experience with our experienced stylists.

Bring your party-people and have some fun!

Reserve your VIP Experience for $95

This is your day.

Make your bridal gown memories with Freedom Brides, where there are no limitations and no rush! We always offer one-on-one personal attention in lengthy, no-stress, private appointments. Our design team can accommodate every bride's wishes. 

Bring your dreams, leave with your dress, customized to your perfection.

Find a Price Range that works for you.

Every bride can afford her dream dress at Freedom Brides.

For brides who like to be remembered.

Luxurious designer gowns for the extravagant bride. $2000 - $4000

Fabulous upscale gowns with a moderate price tag.  $1000 - $1999

Economy gown packages, includes a complementary veil. $799 - $1299

Last season's gowns, for the budget-conscious bride. $400 - $999

Low-cost gowns that compete with online discount bridal sites. $100 - $400

Rental gowns for the supremely gorgeous, yet practical bride. $400 - $800

Rental gowns are priced at 50% of the regular purchase price.

They are then cleaned and sold as gently-used gowns for a 50% discount.

This allows a bride to purchase a high-end fabulous gown that may not be in her budget.

We make Brides shine!!

Love your look!


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Select from our generous supply
of in-stock designer gowns,
or order yours today..

Custom size and custom designs are no problem. Our experienced designers will bring your perfect vision to life.

Radiate Beauty

without breaking your budget.

Our gift to you:
offered with every

Dreams DO
       come true!

We will help you to bring your dreams to life... matter how big they are, now matter how complicated it seems. There's a dream inside of you and we want to see you live it!

That's why we say;

"Come with your dreams,

Leave with your dress"

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