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About Alterations

The Full Story

Ever since we began providing wedding gowns for brides, Freedom Brides has offered Basic Alterations. This saves our girls so much money and ensures that there will not be a huge additional bill to pay later when the dress arrives. This peace of mind is a winner for our customers. We strive to serve every bride to the best of our abilities. 


Basic Alterations

Our gowns rarely need extensive alterations because we get it right the first time! We measure our brides carefully and our gowns almost always fit perfectly.

We offer BASIC alterations which includes hemming, one bustle, and some nips and tucks to get the perfect fit.  This does not include altering if the bride has changed her weight or changed her mind about shoes, etc. We charge more for alterations when more extensive alterations are required, however, we do not overcharge.

Your gown requires major reconstruction.
This might happen if you choose a gown off the rack or change your weight extensively, or if you change the basic structure of the gown.

When there is a situation that requires more extensive alterations than we can provide. We will then refer you to our favorite professional alterations shop in town. In that situation you will need to pay for the alterations done by someone else. We try really hard to let you know ahead of time what your dress will need, but remember, if you change your weight it might entail extensive alterations. 

Beaded gowns are a nightmare to alter, so please remember that!


Alteration Appointments

Alterations are completed on site, saving many trips for the bride. Several ftttings may be accomplished on the same afternoon with our "while-you-wait" service. More complicated alterations are sent to our affiliate in San Marcos.

You will be notified when your dress is here. Please plan on spending an hour to try on your gown for your first fitting. Bring your shoes if you have them, or shoes with the same size heel you planned on for the dress order. Please also bring any undergarments you plan to wear. 

Every time an adjustment is requested there will be another fitting. Be sure to clearly explain everything you need the first time!Sometimes a dress may require several fittings.


Please be prepared to return each time the seamstress needs you. 

Thank you!


Freedom Brides maintains its impeccable service record, integrity and business practices towards our wonderful brides. We expect all brides to familiarize themselves with our alterations policy and ask any questions to prevent unfulfilled expectations. 


Thank you!

Freedom Brides 





Freedom Brides  has always offered free BASIC alterations. This usually includes hemming - up to 5 layers of the gown, taking in straps, small darts, and a few appliqués. This service may save a bride up to $700 of alterations elsewhere. 


Modifications that are not included as free alterations are still able to be completed. We are happy to offer modifications and alterations at a fair market rate. An estimate for those items will be given before work begins. Time and materials will be estimated but may change as the work progresses. Sometimes the final bill will be less, sometimes more. The bride will be kept informed along the way.


Free Alterations does NOT include:


       Seams over 1”, armholes, sleeves, straps, extra beading or any re-construction of the gown.

       Weight changes, although slight adjustments for weight might be considered. 

       Additional modifications not originally agreed to.

       Extra hemming due to changes of shoe heel sizes.

       Extra beading, appliqués, lace, modesty panels, straps, sleeves, or any new design modification.

This policy is always made clear at the purchase of the gown. If a salesperson fails to direct your attention to the alterations policy please not there is a copy in the guest seating area of the salon, along with this page on our website. We expect all brides to familiarize themselves with our policy and ask any questions to prevent a surprise or disagreement.


We do not include alterations in the price of the dress. Our high quality dresses are already discounted heavily.  



The expected delivery date is an estimate and may change.  When the seamstress gets into the project she may find it more extensive and therefore the date may change. We do not make any guarantee as to the delivery date of a gown that requires extensive alterations. We will do our best to ensure the gown is a priority, however supplies may take longer to  or circumstances beyond our control with an affiliate vendor do happen.  We “triage” every situation.  The bride with the closest wedding deadline will get priority over all other work. 

We have never been late for a wedding! Please be sure to order your gown in plenty of time to allow at least 2 months for alterations. We accommodate every bride and do our best to avoid stress.



Free plain veils are offered at no charge. 

Lace, appliqués, beading and other embellishments are available at a reasonable cost to the bride. Brides may design their own veil and be assured at our seamstresses completing their design at a reasonable hourly rate.



As with any store several fittings may be necessary, depending on the extent of the alterations. These fitting are often time consuming and are another free service we offer to our brides. We will only ask you to return as many times as necessary to ensure a good fit. This is standard practice. Be prepared to have 1-3 fittings for most alterations or 4-6 fittings for extensive alterations, especially if additional work is requested.



Free alterations do not take priority over other gowns. They fall behind other paid alterations and wedding deadlines prior to your wedding.  Our brides have never received a gown late for their wedding and never will. 


Most bridal stores require months for alterations, we make every effort to complete our alterations within weeks or even days. Absolutely nothing said in a conversation is a contract or expectation of the actual delivery date. These are discussions, evaluations and a decision-making process. This is an estimate of how much time a project might take, but different situations require different amounts of time as the project is worked on.


Our staff will give you an approximate date which will not be considered a promise or breach of agreement if that date is not possible to be met. 


We understand the concerns of brides nearing a wedding date. Please be assured we have never not delivered a gown and we make every effort to keep our brides from being anxious.  The bridal industry recommends ONE YEAR to purchase a gown. Gowns purchased prior to one year may be delivered fairly close to the wedding date.  



Our preferred alterations specialists are in various locations. They are professional and highly courteous and will do an amazing job! If you require a shop closer to your area we will try to find one for you, but at this time we cannot promise the same quality of  work from any other alterations service. 



Freedom Brides maintains its impeccable service record, integrity and business practices towards our wonderful brides. If you find yourself in the situation where you need to express concern, we always want to hear your opinion and we will direct you to our Business Manager who will take care of your needs if we cannot see eye to eye.


Our staff will under no circumstance be treated with rudeness or be subjected to unfair demands from the bride. We reserve the right to refuse service to brides who are demanding and unappreciative of our professional efforts. 


FREE ALTERATIONS is a privilege extended to our brides to help them. If we are not respected for giving hundreds of dollars to our brides we will terminate the offer of FREE alterations and charge for our services. 


In these circumstances we will return the UNFINISHED gown and suggest you go to a different alterations shop. We will expect payment for ALL alterations, free and billed,  before releasing the gown. 












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