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About Jenny

I have been helping brides plan thier weddings for 35 years. As a Wedding Co-ordinator for 16 years, I was involved in every detail of the wedding;  venues, catering, music, flowers, brides, bridesmaids, mothers, sisters, grooms and even fathers...I have a vast experience with all things wedding. 

The wedding is just one day, but it's the most important day of your life.

I have years of experience and I can save you a lot of heartache choosing your gown, staying within your budget, without compromising quality. We can get you into the most stunning gown for a fraction of the cost.

I have dozens of designer gowns in stock and I can find exactly what you're looking for if I do not have one on hand.  I will help you create your dream look,  for your unique shape - come with your dreams, leave with your dress.

When you can't find the dress you are dreaming about, contact me. I personally work with you throughout the entire experience to accomplish exactly what your vision is. We can customize any dress to your specifications. Your dreams can come true! 


More about Jenny...

I have raised 6 children. Caring for a large family with all of their dozens of friends has many challenges. We were always the house where all the neighborhood children played. Even when my house was full to the brim with 70 teenagers, I was at my happiest!


I was the neighbor who helped in every neighbor's crisis. My chosen careers have always related to helping people. As a family we have taken in many homeless and houseless, helpless, needy or sick individuals and entire families.


My husband and I worked with social service organizations to find these people the help they needed. We never passed by a need without helping and we always helped until the need was fully met. That is important.


I ran the Human Resource department as an executive assistant in a multi million dollar hi-tech corporation. I was once again in the role of helping our hundreds of employees with insurance benefits, retirement plans, education, hiring and advancement.


That means I've seen it all, heard it all and discovered the simple truth about life that everyone can follow...we must go back to our human roots; where everyone in the village helps one another. 

AS you begin your journey into married life, your dress is just the beginning. After the ceremonies are over you will step into your new role as a wife. Everything will change.  I am available to help in many ways. As a bridal consultant and marriage counselor for 30 years, if you have a question I can probably help you find the answers.

Your friend, 





  1. Look for the best in others,and give the best you've got!

  2. Every night is date night!

  3. Get a bookkeeper!

  4. Cook at home, go organic!

  5. Balance, don't oppose!

  6. Learn from those who have gone before.

Carry these habits in your purse and in your heart. Learn them and make them a way of life, so that your dream wedding day lasts forever.​​

It's not about the dress ~

It's about who is inside the dress!

It's about YOU!

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