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2024 Wedding Dress Styles

Updated: Apr 12

2024 Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding dress styles change frequently. What may have been considered chic and fashionable even a few years ago could look dated at a wedding today. While four years ago may not sound like a long time ago, it was before the pandemic, which I think everyone can agree feels like a lifetime ago. So, if you have been eyeing wedding dress trends throughout the last few years to get some ideas, it’s still a good idea to know what the latest trends and designs are, as that can help you find the dress of your dreams – and one that will stun your fiancée and wedding guests.

The following styles were featured in the Spring 2024 Bridal Fashion Week and are a great indicator for showing us what will be trendy and hot this year.

  • Tea-length hemlines: Tea-length dresses have always appealed to some brides who want to veer from a traditional ball gown or dress with a long train. These dresses can still look sophisticated and elegant while also bringing an element of fun to the wedding. Any bride looking to turn heads on her big day may want to consider this option.

  • Sculptural ball gowns: On the other end of the spectrum, ball gowns are also hot this year (and will likely always be one of the top choices for brides). However, this year’s trend is to add a sculptural element to the traditional element, which combines a classic look with a modern twist. It’s an ideal option for any fashion-conscious bride who really wants to go all out with her dress.

  • Ultra-thin straps: Spaghetti straps have been a common element in wedding dresses for years. Pin-thin straps take this concept a step further by making the straps even thinner. This style can be found on all types of bridal dresses, from ball gowns to loose-fitting column dresses. It’s a sophisticated accent that will surely appeal to many brides.

  • Lacy necklines: In every year, there is always a trend that brings a softer look to bridal gowns. This year, the stylish option is to select a dress with a lace neckline. It’s a great option for brides who want to accentuate their softness with delicate lace.

  • Golden gowns: While most brides opt for a white or off-white gown, different-colored wedding dresses have recently become more common. And this year, it’s all about the gold and glitter! Many bridal designers have incorporated golden hues in their wedding dresses, and the results can be just as stunning as it sounds.

  • Floral appliques: Floral themes and prints are not new for weddings. With the majority of weddings occurring in the spring and summer, a floral look is common. But this year, there’s a twist. Using appliques can create a unique 3D floral effect that’s truly modern. It’s sure to stand out from other dress options.

  • Unique veils: Many brides are also spending more time selecting a veil this year than they may have in the past. Standouts here are veils that include intricate embroidery, appliques, and vintage-inspired lace trim. Selecting the right veil can perfect your 2024 wedding look!

Selecting the perfect gown is one of the primary concerns for most brides. After all, it’s essential that you feel beautiful on your big day. For more information about current trends in wedding dress styles or to explore options for your wedding, contact Freedom Brides today!

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